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    Review of Dark-age Britain. Studies presented to T. E. Leeds, Ed. by D. B. Harden. by Paor, Máire de

    Published: 1956 “…Paor, Máire de…”
    Citation: University review, Vol. I, No. 10, pp. 69-71, Autumn, 1956
    Journal Article
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    The relics of Saint Patrick: a photographic feature with notes on the relics by Paor, Máire de

    Published: 1961 “…Paor, Máire de…”
    Citation: Seanchas Ardmhacha: journal of the Armagh Diocesan Historical Society, Vol. Patrician Year, pp. 87-91, 1961-62
    Journal Article
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    Review of Early Christian Ireland by Máire and Liam de Paor. by C., C. R.

    Published: 1960
    Citation: University review, Vol. II, No. 7, p. 46, 1960
    Journal Article
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    Review of Early Christian Ireland, by Máire and Liam de Paor. by Ryan, John Rev

    Published: 1958
    Citation: Studies: an Irish quarterly review, Vol. XLVII, pp. 460-462, Winter, 1958
    Journal Article