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    Father Theobald Mathew, by Mathew, David

    Published: 1957 “…Mathew, David…”
    Citation: The Irish ecclesiastical record: a monthly journal under episcopal sanction, Ser. 5, Vol. LXXXVII, pp. 81-90, February, 1957
    Journal Article
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    A review by the fore-going of "Acton: the formative years", by David Mathew. by Binchy, Daniel A.

    Published: 1946
    Citation: The Bell, Vol. XII, No. 3, pp. 258-262, June, 1946
    Journal Article
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    "Sir Tobie Mathew", by David Mathew; and "Edward Garnett" by H. E. Bates, reviewed.

    Published: 1951
    Citation: The Dublin magazine, Vol. XXVI, Ser. New, No. 2, p. 60, April-June, 1951
    Journal Article
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    A review by H. B. (i.e. Hubert Butler?) of "The Mango on the Mango Tree" by David Mathew. by B., H.

    Published: 1951
    Citation: The Bell, Vol. XVI, No. 5, pp. 68-69, February, 1951
    Journal Article
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    Review of Scotland under Charles I, by David Mathew. by Kearney, H. F.

    Published: 1956
    Citation: Studies: an Irish quarterly review, Vol. XLV, pp. 362-363, Autumn, 1956
    Journal Article
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    Review of The Reformation and the contemplative life, by David and Gervase Mathew. by E., N. D.

    Published: 1934
    Citation: The Dublin magazine, Vol. IX, Ser. New, No. 4, pp. 66-67, October-December, 1934
    Journal Article