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    An article from the Gaelic of Séamus Mac Grianna (pseud. Máire) on Gaelic writing. by Mac Grianna, Séamus

    Published: 1947 “…Mac Grianna, Séamus…”
    Citation: The Bell, Vol. XIII, No. 5, pp. 16-20, February, 1947
    Journal Article
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    Measgra. Na Lochlannaigh. (Told by Éamonn Mac Suibhne). by Mac Grianna, Séamus

    Published: 1957 “…Mac Grianna, Séamus…”
    Citation: Béaloideas: the journal of the Folklore of Ireland Society, Iml. XXV, pp. 157-158, 1957
    Journal Article
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    A review by G. M. (i.e. Gerard Murphy?) of "An aibidil a rinne Cadmus" by "Máire". by M., G.

    Published: 1945
    Citation: The Bell, Vol. X, No. 5, p. 456, August, 1945
    Journal Article
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    A review by C. Ó N. (i.e. Séamus Ó Néill?) of "Scéal Úr agus Sean-scéal," by Máire. by Ó N., C.

    Published: 1947
    Citation: The Bell, Vol. XIII, No. 6, p. 79, March, 1947
    Journal Article
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    Mac Grianna (Séamus) pseud. "Máire": "God rest Mickey": a story

    “…Mac Grianna, Séamus…”
    Citation: Irish writing, No. 33, pp. 19-32, Special Issue, 1955
    Journal Article