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    Climate in relation to health. by Hennessy, H.

    Published: 1861
    Citation: The Dublin builder, Vol. III, No. 36, p. 541, June 15, 1861
    Journal Article
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    On the climate of Ireland with reference to the cultivation of flax. by Hennessy, H.

    Published: 1870
    Citation: The Journal of the Royal Dublin Society, Vol. VI, pp. 1-7, read March, 1870
    Journal Article
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    Construction of a Borlandtype fish pass at Ardnacrusha generating station. With plates. by Hennessy, H. A.

    Published: 1960 Other Authors: “…Hennesay, H. A.…”
    Citation: Transactions of the Institution of Civil Engineers of Ireland, Vol. 86, pp. 111-127, pp. 162-173, 1960
    Journal Article