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    Nursery Rhymes 1 - from Ulhand beginning Conrad-Udal-Leoline". by A., J.

    Published: 1842 “…A., J.…”
    Citation: The Dublin University magazine: a literary and political journal, Vol. XX, pp. 614-617, November, 1842
    Journal Article
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    Enigma. Answer. With Enigma for a lady's album. by A., J.

    Published: 1855 “…A., J.…”
    Journal Article
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    Query concerning the Ms. of a new edition of the History of Armagh by Dr. James Stewart. by A., J.

    Published: 1859 “…A., J.…”
    Citation: Ulster journal of archaeology, Ser. 1, Vol. VII, p. 352, 1859
    Journal Article
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    Ballade of sleep: a poem beginning "Bester thee, Sleep, and hasten from Erebus tonight". by A., J.

    Published: 1889 “…A., J.…”
    Citation: The Irish monthly, Vol. XVII, p. 468, September, 1889
    Journal Article
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    "I laugh to think" by John D. Sheridan. (Reviewed by J. A.). by A., J.

    Published: 1947 “…A., J.…”
    Citation: The Irish ecclesiastical record: a monthly journal under episcopal sanction, Ser. 5, Vol. LXIX, p. 558, June, 1947
    Journal Article
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    Review of A monograph of the British desmidiaceae, by W. West, and G. S. West. by A., J.

    Published: 1906 “…A., J.…”
    Citation: The Irish naturalist: a monthly journal of general Irish natural history, Vol. XVIII, No. 6, pp. 134-135, June, 1906
    Journal Article
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    Review of Weeds: simple lessons for children, by R. L. Praeger. by A., J.

    Published: 1913 “…A., J.…”
    Citation: The Irish naturalist: a monthly journal of general Irish natural history, Vol. XXII, No. 11, p. 215, November, 1913
    Journal Article
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    Gaelic notes to Caesar's "Commentaries". by A., J. L.

    Published: 1895
    Citation: The New Ireland review, Vol. IV, pp. 170-174, November, 1895
    Journal Article
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    Thanks giving: a poem beginning "I thank Thee, God, for Death and Hell". by A., J. W.

    Published: 1917
    Citation: Studies: an Irish quarterly review, Vol. VI, No. 22, p. 257, June, 1917
    Journal Article
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    Review of Christ in the synagogue, by L. Aaronson. by Leventhal, A. J.

    Published: 1931
    Citation: The Dublin magazine, Vol. VI, Ser. New, No. 1, pp. 57-60, January,-March, 1931
    Journal Article
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    Review of The homeward journey and other poems, by L. Amronson. by L., A. J.

    Published: 1946
    Citation: The Dublin magazine, Vol. XXI, Ser. New, No. 3, p. 58, July-September, 1946
    Journal Article
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    The social function of education. by Allaway, A. J.

    Published: 1940
    Citation: Report and proceedings of the Belfast Natural History and Philosophical Society, Ser. Second, Vol. 1, pt. IV, pp. 9-13, 1940
    Journal Article
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    St. Aloysius: a poem beginning "Oh, child of benediction: Mary's own" by D., A. J.

    Published: 1913
    Citation: The Catholic bulletin, Vol. III, p. 733, October, 1913
    Journal Article
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    Review of Pro-famine Ireland. A study in historical geography, by T. W. Freeman. by A., J. H.

    Published: 1958
    Citation: Irish geography, Vol. III, No. 5, pp. 281-283, 1958
    Journal Article
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    Review of The Irish border as a cultural divide, by M. W. Heslinga. by A., J. H.

    Published: 1963
    Citation: Irish geography, Vol. IV, No. 6, pp. 455-457, 1963
    Journal Article
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    War: a poem beginning "Out of heaven a storm wind blew". by A., J. W.

    Published: 1914
    Citation: Studies: an Irish quarterly review, Vol. III, No. 12, p. 368, December, 1914
    Journal Article