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    The lonely farm: a story. by Blundell, M. E.

    Published: 1924 “…Blundell, M. E.…”
    Citation: Green and gold: a magazine of fiction, etc., Vol. III, No. 13, pp. 284-289, January - March, 1924
    Journal Article
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    Amid the lilacs: a poem beginning "A garden quaint, old-fashioned, filled with bloom". by Blundell, M. E. Mrs.

    Published: 1887
    Citation: The Irish monthly, Vol. XV, pp. 105-106, February, 1887
    Journal Article
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    The literary output of three Irishwomen - Lady Gilbert, Mrs. Hinkson, Mrs. Blundell. by Russell, Matthew

    Published: 1910
    Citation: The Irish monthly, Vol. XXXVIII, pp. 200-202, April, 1910
    Journal Article
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    M. E. Francis (i.e. M. E. Blundell). by S., G. M.

    Published: 1930
    Citation: The Irish monthly, Vol. LVIII, pp. 229-239, May, 1930
    Journal Article