Lisgool Abbey, County Fermanagh. With remarks on some Maguire chalices and a note by the Earl of Belmore.

Main Author: MacKenna, J. E. (Rev.)
Other Authors: MacKenna, J. K. (Rev.) MacKenna, J. K. (Rev.)
Citation: Ulster journal of archaeology, Ser, 2, Vol. III, pp. 50-4, Oct., 1896; pp. 83-9, Jan., p. 200, April, 1897
Format: Journal Article
Subjects: Lowry-Corry, Somerset Richard > Belmore, 4th Earl of
MacKenna, James Edward > Rev.
Lisgool > Clanawley Barony
Ireland > Ulster > Fermanagh

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Call number: Ir 794105 u 1
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Note: lacking Ser. 1, vol. 8 (1860); ser. 3, vol. 15 (1952)