In your browser

The tools below are designed to bring Sources to you, wherever you are on the web.


Bookmarklets are special bookmarks/favourites which add new functionality to your browser.

With the Sources bookmarklet you can search directly from any other page on the internet. If you come across an interesting term and want to see if it exists in Sources, simply select the text and click the Sources button on your bookmark bar.


OpenSearch allows you to add databases like Sources to your browser's tool-bar, so that you can access results directly.

If you're using Firefox 2+, Internet Explorer 7+ or Chrome, simply click to add Sources .

Accelerator (Internet Explorer 8+ only)

Accelerators allow you to quickly perform everyday browsing tasks without navigating to other websites. With the Sources Accelerator you can select text anywhere on the web and preview the number of records in Sources which match it.